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About Daddy Jack

My name is Jack Terrell and I have been tattooing in the area for 11 years. I started my apprenticeship with Che Eccles from Euless back in 2005. He taught me all of the essentials I needed to become the artist I am today. I push myself to learn more with every tattoo I do. I take classes and attend conventions as often as I can just for the knowledge. There are so many amazing artists out there and so much to learn. I love what I do. I opened Daddy Jack's with my wife back in 2013 with a plan to change the negative views of tattoos. Tattoos are your story, your passions, your memories. They can have emotional meaning or just be a beautiful piece of art you want shared. The history of tattoos is ever progressing and changing and I enjoy being a part of it. My favorite type of art to do is realistic portraits, animals, and flowers. I am well versed and can do any type of tattoo. I like to compose custom designs for each client so they all have a personal touch. Come see me and let me bring your ideas to life so that you can enjoy forever.

About Ashley Bubbles McBride

Hello there! My name is Ashley "Bubbles" McBride. I started my apprenticeship in 2004 under Gerald Theiler at Yellow Rose Tattoo in Huntsville Texas. My work is my passion and it's all I think about. I was always drawing as a kid in school, and I had the opportunity to go to college on a scholarship for art. Every day is a new learning experience and every client is different. My favorite style of tattooing is Japanese, the representation of the characters in the artwork, the history, and the color palette is beautiful. I would like to travel to Japan one day; it's on the list! I had some artists help me get where I am today, Jody Donaho from Huntsville at "FN" Classy Tattoo and Lobo McLoy from Ft Worth. I am working at Daddy Jack's Body Art Studio in Keller TX now with Daddy Jack and the crew. A few goals of mine are to open my own tattoo shop in Central/South America and travel the world. I was born to live on the beach! Come see me!

About Tanner Vendal

Oh hey, I didn't see you there. I'm sure you are asking yourself "Who is this guy? Why should I let him stab pigment into me thousands of times?"  Let me tell you the tale about a kid with a dream, Tanner Vendal. A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, in a small town in Texas called Watauga, I was born. Growing up I always had a passion for art and experimenting with the limitless possibilities that come with it. When I was 12 I watched my mom get a tattoo then I saw my sister get a tattoo shortly after. The force arose in me to become a Tattoo Artist and take my art in the skin direction. That night, after my sisters tattoo, I went home and constructed a personal tattoo machine and gave myself a tattoo. I was attracted to how tribal and spiritual of a concept tattoos are. I had a strong passion to learn more and expand my knowledge. When I turned 18 I took my portfolio to every shop in town in search of guidance and a home to tattoo in. I now have a home and continue to learn and push my limits with art. I have enjoyed learning all different forms of tattoo art. I continue to learn more and more everyday and expand my skills on a daily basis by pushing myself to try new and complex things to make each piece I do unique and better than the last.

About John C Peterson

The vision of any art piece is to quietly, and sometimes loudly take an expression and transform that feeling with ink. The challenge of each day is to listen to my clients and create a piece that tells a story. Each of my guests has something important to say and they choose to communicate it through art, just as I do. We choose this form for its subtlety and sometimes vulgar passion to make a statement, tell a story, or overcome pain. Art is powerful! This is who I am, and expressing your story with a badass piece of art is my simple way of communicating for both of us.

About Lobsta

Long ago in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, lived a Loathly Lobsta. A loner, he had split from the pack in his teenage years. Born with an artist eye, he was different and had a longing for life on the land. This creation found life on the ocean floor. Redundant fate put his life on the path to success. While looking for scrapes to eat, he was exposed to a toxic project of the military. The exposure had caused him to split tale and grow lungs. With his new-found freedom, he took his first steps on land and made a “B” line for Texas. Searching for the meaning, he befriended a body modification master. A monk who spent his time meditating and brewing elixirs. He took Lobsta under his wing and taught him the way of the tattoo. After years of rigorous training, the Lobsta became a tattoo samurai. Skillfully carrying his charm into the skin of the willing. Lobsta currently found his home here at Daddy Jack's. With his 18 years of experience, attention to detail, and Passion for named dirt bag tattooing he has become a key figure in the D.J’s family.

About Big Mike

      I'm a dermagraphic specialist that excels in the BOLD. I have been tattooing since 2005 and completed my 8,880 hours of apprenticeship in Louisiana. However, I am currently enjoying my time in TEXAS! I just may make this my home. I love traveling all over this country of mine and working conventions. I am an award winning artist and if you have a large and unique show piece idea I would love to hear from you!

       I am currently really enjoying designing custom free-hand pieces, tribal, script, and watercolor. I excel in Neo Traditional, watercolor, flowers, solid black, tribal, and deep saturation. As I always say, Bold will hold! So come see me and go BOLD or go home.


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