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Unfortunate News for a Local Legend

November 10, 2017

The show will be Dec 9th and the shop will close at 4 PM so we can all show our support. We are looking forward to seeing the community come together for a local legend. We are looking for bands and they are accepting any donations. Art donations will be put into a raffle. So pull those creative brains out!  Her is the article attached to the facebook post. Get on there and share it like wild fire!

November 2017: Troy Farmer, known to all as Troll, recently received devastating news. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. There are many details still to be determined, such as treatment plans, chemo, and surgery, but one thing is known: The medical bills will be high, especially since he will be unable to work and bring in income.

You can ask anyone who knows him: TROLL DOES NOT REQUEST HELP. Troll gives help. He is our sage, our shaman, and a soldier of the unfortunate. He is always there to listen to a friend in need or lend a helping fist. Each of us who call him friend can think back to a moment when he stood by us, supported us, or simply spoke the honest truth we needed to hear without fear or hesitation.

That being said, even though he would never ask, TROLL NEEDS OUR HELP. This world needs the Lowbrow Hero!

We, Troll's friends, have set up this GoFundMe page in order to support him. Please help lighten the financial burden during this difficult moment in life by donating and sharing. Any amount is appreciated, and you can even make your donation anonymously if you wish.

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Who We Are


Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio has been open since September of 2013. Jack has been in this industry since 2005 and was determined to change the world views of tattooed individuals. We all know tattoos have not always been per sieved in positive light and at Daddy Jacks we are determined to change those negative opinions. So in 2013 Jack and his wife Kat took the ever dreaded plunge into the business. With Jack's Artist background and Kat's business knowledge we had a very successful grand opening and continue to provide quality work at good prices for anyone and everyone who comes through our doors.

Our Studio offers a clean, professional experience that can't be beat. We have a large space with talented artists and a welcoming environment. We have a bright open floor plan with a 9FT stage in the back for live music during special events. We are family friendly and dedicated to making each client feel at home and totally comfortable when they come in.

We have a friendly knowledgeable team ready to answer any of your questions you have and help you decide on your new art for life. It is a huge commitment to get a tattoo and we want to share our experience with you so you can have the best results imaginable. We do mostly custom work so if you bring an idea to one of our artists they will work with you on a design to get you maximum satisfaction.

We offer a large variety of Body Jewelry and piercing options. We also have an Art Gallery inside. The art varies from paintings to hand made items. All the Art is done by local individuals trying to get their art seen.

At Daddy Jacks we will make this experience unforgettable and enjoyable so come see us!

What We Do


Our Artists like original artwork and are happy to customize your ideas. Pick an artist, bring in your ideas and have a one of a kind custom piece of work done.


We offer all types of Body Piercings and jewelry to go along with it. We have a large selection of choices for initial piercing and we offer titanium in everything for those of you that may have allergies.


We have an art gallery for your viewing and buying pleasure. Our art is collected from local Artists and displayed throughout the Studio. We have canvas Art, prints and other interesting things all for sale.


FAQ coming soon!!!


You can email Daddy Jacks Body Art Studio by filling out this form. Thanks for your support!